I want to remember
the places that we left

Dinner dates, overnights, sightseeing -
show me your favourite spots in the city!

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Monday 22 - Thursday 25 January

Belgium, Netherlands


New York

Outcall only

These trips are not 'tours', so I won't be on call for last minute bookings, only pre-booked dates secured with a deposit or full pre-payment are available. Pre-book early to get the day that works best for you! Outcalls only to centrally located upscale hotels and all dates of 3 hours and longer include social time*. Incalls possible with a pre-payment for the cost of a hotel room.

Please read here how to enquire.

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Outcall - Europe

2 h - 550 euros
3 h - 600 e*
4 h - 700 e*
6 h - 900 e*
8 h - 1000 e *
14 h - 1400 e*
24 h - 2200 e*

Outcall - rest of the world

2 h - 700 euros
3 h - 800 e*
4 h - 900 e*
6 h - 1100 e*
8 h - 1300 e*
14 h - 1700 e*
24 h - 2300 e*

Want me to visit your city?

Do read below how to fly me to meet no one else but you, or invite me for a city break by pre-paying a date of minimum of 8 hours outside of Europe, 4 hours in Europe. Destinations bubbling under: Madrid, Tokyo, Brussels, Valletta, New York, Luxembourg, Nice, Antibes, Bern, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Marseille, Athens, Rome, Barcelona, Palma...

As a reminder, these trips require more scheduling because naturally I won't be paying any extra for last minute flights. For travel dates on short notice, please read about Fly me to you.

Fly me to you

Overnights and longer meetings can be arranged anywhere in the world. I would be delighted to join you on your frequent and usually boring business trips and to make them truly memorable - or why not make memories of our own on carefree holiday! Please send an email detailing the plan: dates, location, is it purely pleasure or business for you and duration of the trip.

Do check my calendar first. I can easily fly to you even on short notice if there are enough days available on my schedule and there are no delays on screening and pre-paying the full rate. 

If we have not met before, I require screening info, let me know your preferred method in the first email. If screening is not familiar to you already, just ask and I will tell you in detail. Also a 75% deposit is required in advance to confirm the plans and the rest must be on my account or in my hand before take-off. Reasonable travel expenses are included in my fee, if you wish to spoil me with an upgrade, I'd be delighted. In case of a cancellation the deposit, minus unrefundable travel costs already paid, out will be put toward
your next booking.

Adventures together

If you have dreamt of a specific adventure but haven't found a suitable travel companion to come along, now is the time to start planning!

For returning admirers I'm delighted to offer all travel dates of 2 days or longer to Europe and worldwide with a perk rate , 500 euros off! The extra time advantage offered on full pre-payment cannot be used for these perk rate dates.

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The fees below include my return airfare and I will arrange travel bookings myself.

6 h - 1300 e
14 h - 1600 e
24 h - 2500 e
48 h - 3500 e


16 h - 2500 euros
24 h - 3000 e
48 h - 4000 e
3 days - 5000 e
5 days - 6000 e
7 days - 7000 e
longer escapes - please enquire
Rest of the world

16 h - 3500 euros
24 h - 4000 e
48 h - 5000 e
3 days - 6000 e
5 days - 7000 e
7 days - 8000 e
longer escapes - please enquire
For regular travel dates I would recommend The Arrangement rather than payg style of appointments. Read more here.
(payg = pay as you go)
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