Thank you's

When I touch you do you quiver

I value our privacy and the very private and intimate moments we share so highly, I do not want them to be displayed for the whole internet to read. If you wish to send me a short and sweet thank you note about our date to be published anonymously here on my website, I would be one very happy girl :)

The only "review" I will happily receive would be on The Verification Guide (requires registration).
"She's that rarity of rarities, a 100% Finnish lady who is both passionate and generous to those lucky gentlemen who prefer a true, all encompassing GFE. Dita will both satisfy your soul and melt your heart with her winning smile, bubbly personality and warm embrace. Waking up next to her is like a dream come true. A great conversationalist, she will show you parts of Helsinki you may never have known exist otherwise. The longer you stay with Dita, the better it gets."

mr R, USA, September 2017 in Helsinki
"For those of you looking for the pearl of the Baltic, look no further. Dita is a gem! She's warm, vivacious and very, very accommodating. Her English is impeccable and she will surely bring a smile to your face. A wonderful GFE, a sexy and intelligent woman who cooks a mean Aussie breakfast - what more can a man ask for? Comes highly recommended!"

mr M, Finland, December 2016 in Helsinki

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